Q. Does IMMNET provide legal advice?
A. IMMNET is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. But to assist you in getting impartial and independent legal advice we may provide you list of reputed law firms on our network database and those specialised in the field of law exacting your enquiry.
Q. Is IMMNET a charity?
A. No, IMMNET is not a charity and work on a nominal profit basis.
Q. How you take your clients?
A. We take clients on first come first serve basis.
Q. What is CONTACT+ service?
A. By some reason if your loved ones back home failed to establish regular contact with you and there is no one else in the UK they can turn to make sure that you are safe and well; With CONTACT+ your family members can contact us to seek assistance that why you are unable to contact them. We will try to contact you based on your contact information with us. If your family members feel anything more serious, we may seek help from law enforcement authorities to make sure that you are safe and well. We will only do this after having written authorization from any of
your nominated family members.
Q. What is case liaising?
A. If you have a language barrier or are not familiar with UK rules and regulations or sure about your rights as a consumer or simply too nervous with legal terms and process jargon, IMMNET can act as you case liaising delegate. Our role includes understanding your enquiry in detail and any concerns attached to it. Help you arrange all the paperwork that your solicitor may need to examine to deal with your enquiry more effectively. We also help you to arrange your case facts in chronological order, so your legal advisor can get a clearer picture of your problem. This not only helps you in getting more precise advice but also saves solicitor’s time. If you decide to proceed with your case, we can stay in touch with your solicitor to keep track of your matter and to make sure you are been treated fairly and with respect. Please note at any time during the case liaising process we are not entitled to give you legal advice and it is only your solicitor who can advise you on legal issues attached to your enquiry or case.
Q. What are the other advantages of IMMNET services ?
A. When you are an IMMNET client we know your case in detail. With your records on our database, in case of any emergency, legal or otherwise, we can arrange help more quickly for you.
Q. Do you have a complaints procedure?
A. If by any chance we fell short of your expectations, you can make your complaint by contacting us and we will try to resolve it up to your expectations. If your complaint remains unresolved, you have a legal right to make a formal complaint to The Trading Standards through Citizens Advice Bureau in your area. You can access their services by face to face meeting by locating CAB office near you or by ringing Citizen Advice Consumer Helpline (Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.) on 0344 411 1444 or on-line at www.citizensadvice.org.uk