IMMNET is a leading source of information for newcomers, international students, and other immigrants to the United Kingdom to improve their access to opportunities, settlement, accommodation, employment, and legal services through reputable sources. It also assists them to integrate with British society & its values.

IMMNET's core objective is designed around Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that declares “All human beings are born free & equal in Dignity & Rights”. If you are an immigrant, no matter regulated or unregulated or an international student, you are part of British society. Your conditional or unregulated immigration status does not make you less human and at any level, you do not deserve to be treated as a second-class citizen.

When you choose IMMNET for your settlement and other associated issues, you don't just get good advice and service from us. You get our enduring commitment to keep improving your experience and our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction.
We can help our members on the following issues:

If you are not happy with the level of service received from any legal adviser you already have or you feel that you received inaccurate information that has damaged the chances of success of your case, we can help you in resolving the matter. We can do that by directly contacting your legal adviser on your behalf or by referring your case to one of the law firms of repute on IMMNET network.

You are been physically or emotionally exploited by your landlord, employer, or someone else because they think you have no voice to rise because of your not so perfect immigration status.

You are been physically or sexually harassed or exploited and someone is controlling your life due to your not-so-perfect immigration status.

Someone has taken your money with a false promise of regulating your immigration status by dubious means or arranging employment for you.

Someone is blackmailing you under threat of physical, emotional, and social harm.

You are been bullied by your landlord or you have disrepair or any other tenancy related issue.

You are been racially or by any other manner discriminated against or bullied at your place of work.

Someone including any estate agent has taken money from you with a false promise of accommodation.

Someone is illegally intercepting your mail or refuse to hand it over to you.

We also help IMMNET members on issues like identity theft and consumer matters. In matters involving money or deficiency of service, IMMNET can help you by resolving the matter through mediation and conciliation. In matters relating to employment disputes, we can refer you to an employment law expert or can forward a matter to a concerned non-governmental or governmental agency. In more serious cases where you are a victim of a crime or a scam or a fraud, we can arrange free legal advice for you and help you in putting a complaint with the police. Through our legal experts, we also offer assistance on matters like divorce or marital disharmony.

Please do not suffer in silence, we are here to help you.